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OOH & Social Media Campaign
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Personal Project

6,5Hrs is the average time we spend on Social Media per day. 81% of Social Media content has been filtered, enhanced, or digitally manipulated to look better.
Digitally enhanced pictures cause more harm than they appear to do.
The idea is to labelling enhanced beauty content as sensitive due to the harmful consequences it has on women.

Dove has been working to make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety, this is how we imagined to contribute to their cause. The print OOH and the Social Media campaign, aim at raising awareness on this dangerously underrated topic.

Influencers that commonly retouch their posts will be asked to label their content (cosmetic filter applied) and use the filter. The request to Instagram will be to make it mandatory to label digitally enhanced content:


This image has been altered by cosmetic filters.

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